Vivera Retainers in Spring Branch & Memorial, Houston, TX

Congratulations on getting a brand new smile with the Invisalign clear aligners! To ensure that you maintain a beautiful smile throughout life, you need to wear a retainer, so that your teeth do not come back to their previous position. At Lifeworks Dental, we use the Vivera retainers offered by the makers of Invisalign, whether you have used the traditional braces or removable aligners for orthodontic treatment.

Why is it Important to Wear Retainers?

Certainly, you must have invested a lot of time and money in getting your teeth straightened, and you would not want it to go to waste. Studies have shown that after the completion of orthodontic treatment, teeth tend to gradually return to their initial if a retainer is not used. An orthodontic retainer will preserve your beautiful smile by preventing the teeth from moving back.

How are Vivera Retainers Prepared?

Getting your Vivera retainers is simple, easy and quick! During your first visit, we will make a digital impression of your teeth, which will be used in a special software to design customized retainers. During your next appointment, we will try your new retainers for fit and accuracy. That’s it! You can now start wearing your new retainers.

Using the Vivera Retainers

With the Vivera retainers, our goal is to provide you maximum retention benefits, so that you can enjoy a lasting smile. Depending upon the need of retention, you may be required to wear the Vivera retainers either throughout the day or only while sleeping. Our dentists at Lifeworks Dental can guide you in developing a wearing schedule which is best suited and customized for your dental needs.

Why should you Choose Vivera Retainers?

There are numerous types and brands of orthodontic retainers available in the market. Hence, you might think that why you should prefer Vivera over other retainers? Here are a few reasons why:

  • Esthetics – the Vivera retainers are specifically designed while making sure that they do not disturb your smile and appearance while you’re wearing them. They are prepared from the same clear material which is used for making Invisalign removable aligners.
  • Removable – unlike fixed retainers, Vivera retainers can easily be removed whenever you want to eat or brush your teeth. In this way, not only you can enjoy all types of your favorite foods, but you will also have no difficulty in maintaining optimal oral hygiene.
  • Durability – research has shown that the Vivera retainers are 30% stronger than the other retainers which are available in the market. Therefore, they tend to last longer and their repair or replacement is not required frequently. Each set of Vivera retainers has an approximate lifespan of about 2 years. This means that your 4 sets of retainers will serve you for more than 8 years. No other type of retainer provides this much service life!
  • Versatility – with the Vivera retainers, it does not matter which type of orthodontic system your dentist used for your treatment. Whether you had braces, or you used removable aligners during your treatment, the Vivera retainers are compatible with any type of orthodontic system.
  • Comfort – the Vivera retainers are designed while keeping your convenience and comfort in mind. That is why they have an excellent fit and are quite comfortable to wear. You can even sleep without any discomfort, while you’re wearing them.
  • Stability – most orthodontic retainers tend to change their shape with time. As a result, they can cause unwanted movement of the teeth. In contrast, the Vivera retainers are designed from high-quality materials which make them durable, longer lasting and dimensionally stable.
  • Convenience – we will provide you with four sets of upper or lower retainers, or retainers for both the jaws. In this way, if you accidentally misplace or break your retainers, you still have 3 sets of retainers available which you can wear to prevent your teeth from moving back.

Vivera Retainers are not Only for Those Who Have Undergone Orthodontic Treatment!

A beautiful smile is an asset, and it must be preserved at all cost. Some people may have perfectly aligned and beautiful teeth earlier in their life. However, these teeth may become misaligned during later part of their life. To prevent such a situation, the Vivera retainers provide the perfect preventive solution for you! You can preserve your beautiful smile and perfectly aligned teeth throughout life, by simply wearing the Vivera retainers as a preventive option!
Orthodontic treatment with braces or Invisalign aligners can give you a perfect and charming smile. Unfortunately, this smile cannot become long-lasting or permanent, if you do not use retainers to keep the teeth in their new position. Vivera retainers are not only strong and durable, they are custom-made to comfortably fit your teeth and to provide effective retention. If you nearing the completion of your orthodontic treatment, then we welcome you to visit us for an orthodontic exam and to discuss your post-treatment options with our dentists, Dr. Kini Tran and Dr. Kim Nguyen.