Snap-On Smile in Spring Branch & Memorial, Houston, TX

Custom Jewelry to Wear in Your Mouth

Yes! It is true. A set of pearls you wear in your mouth and enhance your smile. That is Snap-On-smile: a revolutionary concept which provides a very simple and convenient solution for getting rid of dental cosmetic defects, without the need to undergo expensive dental procedures. Just as you can order custom-made jewelry, put it on and remove it, you can also acquire a Snap-On-smile. Whether you are going to dinner with a loved one, or you have an important meeting or social gathering, Snap-On Smile, Novo Smile, is the solution to all your problems. It is as easy to put on and remove as your earrings, perhaps, even easier.

What is Snap-On Smile?

Snap-On Smile is a revolutionary system which gives you a beautiful smile without any tooth preparation, anesthetic shoots or expensive cosmetic dental procedures. We will simply give you a thin removable plate made of a very strong and esthetically pleasing resin which you will wear your natural teeth like a denture. This plate contains perfectly aligned and sparkling white teeth which will hide cosmetic defects and enhance your smile. The Snap-On smile is much more aesthetic than a conventional denture, because it only covers the teeth and does not rest on the gums, thereby giving you a naturally beautiful smile.

How is Snap-Smile Prepared?

The procedure is very simple. First, our Houston Memorial Dentist will perform an examination of your teeth, to evaluate whether you are a suitable candidate for getting Snap-On Smile or Novo Smile. Next, we will make an impression of your upper and lower teeth, which will be sent to a laboratory. On your next appointment, we will try your Snap-On Smile to evaluate the fit and esthetics. Any minor changes, if required, are usually performed at the chairside. Otherwise, that’s it! Enjoy your brand-new Snap-On Smile!

Is It for Me?

Yes! Snap-a-Smile is a versatile device. It is virtually for everybody, especially in the following situation:

  • Missing Teeth – Have you lost a tooth or two? The routine solution would be a dental bridge or an implant. Implants are expensive and take a lot of time to become fully functional. They demand great precision and expertise from the dentist. Bridges are expensive, yet they require less time for fabrication. However, they still cannot compete with the snap-Ons.
  • Crooked Teeth –Crooked teeth conventionally need restorative procedures like braces and Invisalign which are also expensive. They work to straighten your teeth gradually. That may take two to three years and many visits to the orthodontist. What if you have an important social event coming up in three weeks’ time?  Neither braces nor Invisalign will help you. But a Snap-On Smile will. Simply snap it on! Wear it whenever you go out for dinner with your loved one or attend a meeting or a social gathering, and let people get dazzled with your charming looks and pearly white teeth.
  • Chipped Teeth- Have you got one or more of your visible teeth chipped or broken. They can be easily repaired using the conventional bonding method, hidden using veneers or crowns. But Snap-On-Smile is an option again.
  • Stained Teeth – Snap-On Smile dentures are highly effective in hiding generalized permanent teeth stains. Unlike the veneers or porcelain crowns, they can be easily worn over your natural teeth, without requiring tooth removal or other preparation.
  • Complete Smile Makeover –  Are you dissatisfied with your smile due to multiple little defects? A Full mouth reconstruction is one option. But it is time-consuming and costly. Snap-On Smile is virtually a snap solution.  It gives you a smile that you always dreamed of.
  • As Temporary Prosthesis During Implant Placement – the Snap-On smile can also be used as a temporary esthetic denture in cases where teeth have been removed for placing an implant-supported fixed or removable prosthesis. The Snap-On smile comes in very handy in these cases to hide the missing teeth, and to retain your smile and good looks while the implants are being placed.

What are the Benefits of Snap-On Smile?

Snap-in dentures are an excellent solution for virtually all dental problems. Here are some ways you can benefit from Snap-On Smile:

  • No Shots and No Tooth Preparation – with Snap-On Smile, you have virtually nothing to lose! Why, because no tooth preparation is involved in the case of veneers or porcelain crowns. Rather, we will leave your natural teeth just as they are. Since there is no requirement for removal of natural tooth structure, there is also no need for anesthetic shots.
  • A Beautiful Smile for Everyone – At Lifeworks Dental, we believe that everyone has a right to enjoy good looks and a beautiful smile. That is why we offer Snap-On Smile dentures, which are a highly cost-effective alternative to a complete smile makeover, or a Hollywood smile makeover.
  • Convenience and Comfort at its Best – Snap-On Smile are just what it says. Something you can snap in place over your teeth with your hand when you want to acquire a totally different smile of your choice.
  • A Solution for all Cosmetic Dental Problems – Whether it’s stained teeth, gaps, or crooked teeth, Snap-On smile offers a solution for every cosmetic dental problem to give you a charming new smile in a jiffy. And when you are by yourself, you can remove it just as easily and store it away.
  • Durability – Snap-On Smile dentures are prepared from a high-quality resin which lasts for a long time. If you look after them properly, the Snap-On Smile dentures can last for more than 2 years. Since they are not very expensive, you can easily get a new set of Snap-On Smile after a few years.
  • Quick Procedure It is simple to acquire. There are just two visits separated by about two weeks. In the second visit, you have your Snap-On!  It can be used temporarily or for long. It is yours, beautifully!

Your Snap-On is custom-made for your teeth and to your aesthetic and financial priorities. You can choose the smile you are going to wear. And you can choose the timing when you want to wear it and for how long.

How Do I Get a Snap-On-Smile?

Getting the smile of your dreams with Snap-On Smile is very easy. All you need to do is to book an appointment with Dr. Kini Tran or Dr. Kim Nguyen at Lifeworks Dental and leave the rest to us. We are a family dental practice which specializes in providing high-quality general and cosmetic dentistry services to the residents of Memorial Area in Houston TX. Whether you need dentures, or you seek professional gentle cleanings, Lifeworks Dental is the answer to all your dental problems.

Being a truly family dentistry practice, we also offer family discounts and 12month interest-free loan to our esteemed patients. We also accept insurance and payment solutions throughout the US like CareCredit and Medicaid. So, what are you waiting for? A healthy and beautiful smile awaits you at Lifeworks Dental.

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