Smile Softening in Spring Branch & Memorial, Houston, TX

Most people think that the only option for correction of chipped or crooked teeth is to restore them with bonding, porcelain veneers or a dental crown. But what if you could get a complete smile makeover, without having to undergo any extensive cosmetic dental procedure? At Lifeworks Dental in Memorial area TX, we perform smile softening, which a very simple procedure to restore the shape and form of your teeth, and to give you a beautiful and lasting smile.

What is Smile Softening?

Smile softening is a minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry procedure in which we will remove a thin layer of dental enamel of your crooked teeth, and recontour them so that they have a natural, youthful, and pleasant appearance. Since only a thin layer of the outer layer of your teeth will be removed, this procedure is very simple, painless and requires very less dental chairside time.

Who Can Benefit from Smile Softening?

Smile softening is among the best options for cosmetic correction of teeth with mild to moderate chipping or shape anomalies. At Lifeworks Dental, we recommend this procedure if you have any of the following problems:

  • Chipped Teeth – if you have chipped or fractured teeth, we can fix them with smile softening in no time! We will simply reshape them so that they regain their esthetics and function.
  • Unusually Long Teeth – sometimes, front teeth are longer than their normal size. These teeth not only create problem during eating and speech, but they also become excessively prominent and ruin your smile. Smile softening is an excellent way to restore the length of these teeth back to normal.
  • Overlapping Teeth – overlapping teeth, especially the front ones, create esthetic problems and makes it difficult to clean them optimally. If the overlap is small, it can be easily corrected with smile softening.
  • Individuals who Seek Teeth Whitening – smile softening is also performed in conjunction with other professional teeth whitening procedures, to remove stains that are present on the outer surface of the teeth.

What to Expect During the Procedure?

Smile softening is a very simple procedure, which can be completed in a single appointment. Following steps are involved in the procedure:

  • Clinical Examination – first, our Houston Dentist will perform a thorough clinical examination of your teeth and oral cavity, to assess the damage to your teeth, and to evaluate whether you can benefit from smile softening.
  • X-ray Images – we will also look at the x-ray images of the affected teeth to visualize the extent of tooth decay or damage, and to assess the proximity of pulp to the outer enamel layer. This is because the procedure can only be performed when sufficient thickness of enamel exists to protect the deeper sensitive layers of the teeth from a toothache.
  • Enamelplasty – this is the scientific name for smile softening. Our Houston Memorial Dentist will use a diamond tipped drill to carefully remove a thin layer of enamel from the damaged teeth. A fine sandpaper may also be used during final contouring of the teeth.
  • Polishing – when the affected teeth have been restored to their natural shape and form, they will be polished to bring back their shine and luster. In some cases, smile softening is performed in combination with teeth whitening, in which case, a bleaching agent will be used on the teeth as well.

Once we are done with the procedure, we are certain that you will be pleased with your brand-new smile and pearly white, perfect teeth!

What are the Advantages of Smile Softening?

  • Simple Procedure – this is procedure is very less time consuming, and unlike other cosmetic restorative options like veneers and porcelain crowns, requires only a single sitting.
  • Cost-effective – smile softening is perhaps the least expensive option among cosmetic dentistry
  • Painless – a very thin outer layer of your teeth is removed in this procedure. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about subsequent sensitivity or tooth pain. Enjoy a beautiful smile while undergoing a painless procedure at Lifeworks Dental. What more can you ask for?

Where to Get the Best Smile Softening Treatment?

If you’re looking for the best Houston Memorial Dentist for the cosmetic recontouring of your teeth, then you have come to the right place! At Lifeworks Dental, Dr. Kini Tran and Dr. Kim Nguyen will make sure that you enjoy the best cosmetic dental services in a relaxing environment. Both Drs. Tran and Nguyen are well known in the Houston Memorial area for their excellent general dental and cosmetic services. Whether you need emergency dental care, or simply dentures for your missing teeth, we are just a phone call away from you!