Overdentures in Spring Branch & Memorial, Houston, TX

Many people who have dentures simply avoid wearing them because they tend to slip very easily, causing embarrassment and creating difficulty during eating and speech. To overcome these problems associated with the conventional dentures, Lifeworks Dental offers overdentures, which are an aesthetic, convenient and cost-effective alternative to the conventional dentures.

What are Overdentures?

An overdenture is any removable, partial or complete denture which rests over, and gains its support and retention from one or more natural teeth, prepared roots of natural teeth, or artificial roots in the form of dental implants. These roots or implants provided extended retention to the dentures, and also improve the chewing and speech efficiency. Other names for overdentures include overlays, hybrid prosthesis, telescopic or tooth-supported dentures.

What are the Types of Overdentures?

Based on the structures which support an overdenture, they are divided into two types:

  • Tooth-supported Overdentures – these overdentures are supported by the roots of natural teeth. The remaining teeth are ground in such a way that only the roots remain at the level of the gums, and they prevent the dentures from slipping or getting dislodged.

Implant-supported Overdentures – if a patient does not have any remaining natural teeth, we can still give them overdentures by using a minimum of four implants, two at the front and two at the back. This type of prosthesis is known as an all-on-four implant supported overdenture.​

Who Can Benefit from Overdentures?

Generally, anyone who is seeking a reliable and convenient replacement option for missing teeth can benefit from overdentures. A few situations in which overdentures may be ideal are:

  • To Get Rid of Conventional Dentures – individuals who are not happy with the fit or comfort of their conventional dentures can certainly benefit from overdentures, especially implant-supported overdentures.
  • Poor Quality or Quantity of Jaw bone – conventional dentures rely on the jaw bones and their overlying tissue for their support and retention. In cases where there is insufficient bone density to support a denture, we recommend tooth or implant-supported overdentures.

How is Overdentures Prepared?

The method of fabrication of overdentures at Lifeworks is divided into two phases. In the first, either the existing teeth are prepared or implants are inserted into the jaw bone to serve as artificial roots. The natural teeth first undergo root canals, and then their crown is removed to the root level. In case dental implants are used, the surgical site of implant placement is then left undisturbed for about 6 months to allow healing to take place.

During the next phase, a denture is prepared in a conventional manner by making an impression of the jaw bone and the prepared teeth. However, in case of implant-supported dentures, an attachment mechanism is added to the inner surface of the denture which engages with the implant and keeps the denture firmly in place.

What are the Benefits of Overdentures?

Are you having difficulty in choosing between conventional dentures and overdentures? The following benefits of overdentures will help you in reaching a decision:

  • Improved Comfort – thanks to the overdentures, you don’t have to worry about slipping or dislodgement of your dentures. No more embarrassing situations during meetings, social events or intimate moments!
  • Improved Speech – overdentures restore speech efficiency, as they are firmly supported by teeth roots or implants. The convenience of the dentures combined with the durability, reliability, and efficiency of dental implants!
  • Eat whatever you like – overdentures, owing to their firm support from natural teeth roots or implants, allow you to eat all your favorite foods. This is not possible with the conventional dentures, as they tend to get dislodged with sticky or hard food items.
  • Minimal Bone Loss – a major drawback of conventional dentures is that they exert direct forces on the jaw bones, resulting in their accelerated resorption. When remaining teeth roots or implants are present, they prevent bone loss, thereby minimizing the chances of jaw fractures.
  • Better Oral Hygiene – Overdentures allow you to maintain an optimal oral hygiene. You can easily remove your overdentures, and clean the entire area around the implants.

Say hello to a new world of convenience and comfort with the overdentures. Visit us today at Lifeworks Dental for a consultation and let us give you a brand new and lasting smile! It’s time to say goodbye to your old dentures!