All-on-Four Implant-Supported Complete Dentures in Spring Branch & Memorial, Houston, TX

Not until a few years ago, the only option to replace all missing teeth in a jaw was a removable complete denture, which was not only uncomfortable to wear but it also created difficulties in eating and speaking. Thanks to modern cosmetic dentistry, it is now possible to replace all missing teeth in a jaw with a fixed bridge which is strong, durable and possesses excellent esthetics.

The best thing about the all-on-four dentures is that they need only 4 implants in each jaw for support. No need to install an implant for each missing tooth. It might sound unbelievable, but it is actually true and at Lifeworks Dental, we take pride in offering this option to our esteemed patients.

The History of All-on-Four Implant System

The revolutionary all-on-four implant system was introduced by Dr. Paulo Malo’ in 1990, a Portuguese dentist. Since its introduction, the all-on-four implant system has been regarded as one of the most reliable and effective methods for complete tooth loss replacement. The all-on-four implant system is based on providing Complete Fixed Tooth Replacement for edentulous jaw by using only four implants. These four implants are strategically placed in an angulated fashion to support a complete fixed bridge, which may contain up to 12 or 14 artificial teeth.

What is the All-on-Four Implant System?

The all-on-four implant system refers to a fixed bridge which is used for replacing all teeth in a jaw. However, unlike the conventional bridges which are supported by the adjacent natural teeth, this bridge is supported by only 4 implants, two at the back and two at the front. In the upper jaw, the 4 implants are placed in the front in which 2 are angulated if needed, where the bone density is greatest. In some cases, when there is a greater need for support, dentists may place up to 6 or 8 implants in each jaw.

Who Can Benefit from All-on-Four Implants?

Virtually, all individuals who have lost all their teeth are candidates for getting all-on-four implants supported dentures. However, these individuals must have excellent physical and dental health and must maintain sufficient quality and quantity of jaw bone so that the implants can get firmly anchored within it.

At lifeworks Dental, we recommend all-on-four implant supported dentures for the following cases:

  • Complete Tooth Replacement in a Jaw – the all-on-four system is a perfect tooth replacement option for individuals who have lost all their teeth in a single arch or both upper and lower jaws.
  • Severely Compromised or Diseased Teeth – in cases where the all existing teeth of the patients are grossly infected and there is no hope for their repair, all-on-four implant supported dentures can be installed after teeth extraction
  • Full Mouth Reconstruction – the all-on-four implant system can also be effectively used for providing full mouth rehabilitation to selected patients.

Patients who have excessively resorbed jaw bones can still get implant supported dentures at Lifeworks Dental. This is made possible by increasing the density and quantity of their jaw bone through a surgical known as bone augmentation. In this procedure, we will reshape the jaw bone through selective removal and evening the plane to ensure optimal anchorage of the implant within the bone. In some cases, slight bone grafting may also be needed.

What is the Procedure for Getting All-on-Four Implant-Supported Fixed Bridges?

The procedure for getting a brand new smile with the all-on-four implant system at Lifeworks Dental is very simple.

  • Patient Evaluation – During the first stage, we will examine your oral health status to ascertain whether you are a candidate for getting the all-on-four implant supported dentures.
  • Implant Placement During the next appointment, our referring surgeon specialist, will surgically place the implants into the jaws. A healing collar is placed over the implants and the surgical site is left to heal for about six months.
  • Tooth Replacement – once the implants have been placed within the bone, the denture that was previously made is adapted to anchor onto the implants immediately. After 6 months to 1 year, a customized screw retained fixed bridge is prepared for your teeth which is attached to the implants with the help of abutments.

In most cases, our dentists will attach the false teeth immediately after the implant placement. This is called single day smile at Lifeworks Dental.

What are the Benefits of All-on-Four Implant System?

The all-on-four implant system offers a durable, reliable and esthetic mechanism for complete tooth loss replacement in a jaw. In comparison to the conventional removable dentures, which were the only option for complete tooth loss rehabilitation a few years back, the all-on-four systems possess the following benefits:

  • Enjoy the Natural Feeling and Appearance – all-on-four implant-supported fixed bridges not only possess a beautiful and lifelike appearance but they also function like the natural teeth. Therefore, unlike the removable dentures, they virtually become a part of the oral cavity.
  • Durability – the all-on-four complete tooth loss replacement system combines the strength and durability of the dental implants with the esthetics and convenience of a fixed bridge. These unique qualities make them resilient and long-lasting. Unlike the removable complete dentures which require frequent repair or replacement, the all-on-four implant supported bridges are built to last a lifetime.
  • Eat Anything you Like – one of the most important instructions dentists give to complete denture wearers, is to avoid hard and sticky foods, as they can result in their dislodgement. Thanks to the all-on-four system, you can enjoy all your favorite foods without worrying about dislodging the prosthesis. This is because, in the all-on-four system, the fixed bridge is resolutely held in place by implants which are anchored firmly in the jaw bone.
  • Prevention of Bone Loss – when removable complete dentures are worn, they exert direct pressure on the underlying bone, and result in an accelerated bone resorption. In contrast, dental implants preserve the surrounding bone and even promote bone formation in their vicinity. This ensures that the implants remain firmly embedded within the bone.
  • Cost-effective Option – with the all-on-four tooth replacement solution for the edentulous jaws, you don’t need one implant for each missing tooth, which would obviously be quite expensive. Rather, you only need 4 implants to support a complete fixed bridge. Additionally, the all-on-four implant system certainly costs more than the removable dentures. However, due to their long-term clinical service life in comparison to removable dentures for edentulous patients, they prove to be a cost-effective option.

Looking for the most durable, reliable and esthetic tooth replacement for edentulous jaws? Then all-on-four implant-supported fixed bridges should be your first choice. At Lifeworks Dental, we take pride in providing high quality and gentle dental services to our esteemed patients. We have a highly qualified and trained dental team which will make sure that you have a pleasant dental treatment experience with us.

Book a consultation appointment with us today, and let us give you a beautiful smile with all-on-four implants.